Conferences and Webinars

2017 Pikes Peak BOCES

2016 GAFE Summit in D49

2016 Pikes Peak BOCES

2016 ISTE

2015 Global Education Conference -

2015 Colorado Science Educators Network- Mystery Skype presentation

2014 Global Education Conference

2014 ISTE Conference

2014 Douglas County Digital Age Teaching and Learning

2013 Colorado Association of School Librarians

2013 CO TIE Conference

2013 School Leadership Summit "Mystery Skype in the Library", Presentation

2012 "A Week in the Life" Student Summit on December 13

2012 Global Projects Why and How

2012 Global Education Conference, Presenter

2012 Social Learning Summit, Co-Presenter, Volunteer Moderator

  • Connecting Students Across & Beyond Schools Webinar with Robert Sbaglia

2012 ISTE SIGOL Winners Showcase, "We've Got SOLE" Webinar

2012 "A Week in the Life" Student Summits on March 31, Session 1, Session 2

2011 Global Education Conference Students Summit for "A Week in the Life"

2011 Learning 2.011, Shanghai, China - Participant and Presenter of WordPress 101

2010 Global Education Conference Student Summit for "Flat Classroom Project"

2010 ISTE Conference, Denver, Colorado- Participant

2009 Colorado Technology in Education, Copper Mountain, Colorado- Participant

2005-2010 Colorado Springs School District #11, Professional Development Training- Presenter

2003-2010 Manitou Springs School District Professional Development Training - Presenter